I got the chair

To follow up on my previous post from long ago, we got the chair. 

This is my little office area in a room otherwise designated as the dining room.  It is a small room right next to the kitchen with no closet, but I don’t think we’ve ever sat down to eat at the table here.  It’s more of a catch-all, which isn’t the best thing!  My thoughts in the future are to get a smaller table in here….but long long term plans are to knock down the wall in between this wall and the living room, increasing the living space and having much more of an open feel. 

There is a whole lot of ikea going on in this corner.  The white filing cabinet is an ikea buy, as are the shelves, the desk, the flower pictures (a steal at $7 each), and the the green magazine organizers and boxes.  I am not handy, but i did put the filing cabinet together all by myself – and I love the sleek white design. 


I’m obsessed with this chair. I just am.


Yuck. And I knew I had these kicking around somewhere, but yesterday I finally found them.




Here is a shot of what we found underneath the cabinet we (or shall i say my dad) tore off the wall.



here you can see the old backsplash (which I attempted to paint over and then ultimately chiseled off)

here you can see the old backsplash (which I attempted to paint over and then ultimately chiseled off)

BEFORE :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            AFTER:

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kinda after

Updated pictures on progress in the kitchen!

full view - new floors, vinyl adhesive

full view - new floors, vinyl adhesive

from the christmas tree shoppe!

from the christmas tree shoppe!

Our entry way was one of my first projects in our new home.  The chalkboard an old frame from my parent’s house.  I repainted the glass with chalkboard paint (the spray version – not the same as what I used on our backsplash).  I then painted the frame white.  So, the total cost was just the cost of materials.

The “welcome” sign was from the $1 bin at Target.

gotta love the hyphens :)

gotta love the hyphen 🙂

The key ring underneath holds keys (obviously), but also holds a lint brush to hit up on your way out the door, because our cat Cotton inevitably marks every piece of non-white clothing in this house with his fur.

This morning I tutored in a neighborhood that put me in the area of my favorite uber-cheap, uber-huge housewares paradise, IKEA.  First off, it must be said that Monday afternoon IKEA is much more tolerable than the hysteria-prone Saturday afternoon IKEA.  I was able to browse much more comfortably (and slowly, beacuse I didn’t have IKEA-hater Will in tow– haha) ; but it didn’t seem like any of the employees came to work, either.  I left without finding out what parts I needed for a corner desk I was coveting, but all in all, I picked up some good organizational gear and cute accessories to spring-a-fy the apartment, and most importantly, the new kitchen!

For instance, back in September, I picked up these “closet organizers” from Kmart for our new bedside tables for $10 and change a piece (way cheaper than a conventional bedside table)

closet organizer turned bedside table

closet organizer turned bedside table

The only issue with them is that all your stuff is out in the open….so I’ve been on a search for the perfect baskets to put within the tall, skinny openings within.  Well, tada(!!), I found them today.

it fits!

it fits!

At $5.99 a pop, I can still buy enough of them to fill the holes on both of our tables, and it is STILL cheaper than buying a garden variety bedside table.  After my text tutoring session, I’m buying some mo’. 

I also picked up :

 a do it yourself herb-growing kit (basil – and $4, since you asked),

2 super cute little white flower-pots ($1.29 each)  

some frames for the photo collage I’m working on behind our bed

a tray to go under the cats’ food bowls ($3)

 and a cute little rug to go in front of the sink ($13)

and some other cute, cheap little things.  After going to IKEA, I find it hard to shop anywhere else and rationalize spending more money on similar stuff.