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Now, for the vertically challenged, this might not make much sense, but I decided to tuck our microwave into a rarely-used cabinet above our stove…in lieu of buying once of those fancy above-range models.  My super helped me drill a hole through the bottom of the cabinet and snake the wire to the outlet.  More counter space!  I win!
the microwave relocated

the microwave relocated


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Our apartment has been in Will’s family for about 25 years.  His parents rented here when Will was a wee tot, and then Will’s aunt took over the lease…and the building eventually became co-op, etc, etc. 

This September, we bought the place.

I immediately removed (or my dad did, at least) a set of built in cabinets on the left hand wall.  Unfortunately, the adhesive underneath tore off a chunk of plaster in the wall, leaving us with a concrete dent the size of a cinder block in the wall.  I told my dad I was going to throw up when I saw it, and he told me to stop overreacting.

Afterwards, I went over to Home Depot and picked up some joint compound and filled it in.  Joint compound is just a fancy word for the spackle type jazz that you need to use to fill in holes in your wall that you cause by being an asshole.  This was a fairly easy process, but one that took a fair amount of patience, as joint compound doesn’t just dry into a magical new wall.  It needs to dry in layers, and honestly, now it’s dry and all and no longer a massive hole, but it’s best hidden behind a baker’s rack.  More on that later.  I can’t find a picture of the hole, but here’s the kitchen “before”.

on the left of this photo, there used to be more built in cabinets.  That is also the site of the infamous hole.

on the left of this photo, there used to be more built in cabinets. That is also the site of the infamous hole.

It is now March, and I am finally tackling the kitchen re-do.  Back when we bought our place, we talked to a contractor, who told us that a complete renovation would run between $5 and 10K.  We were “property virgins” and really didn’t realize how much things cost – even a renovation in a kitchen as small as ours can cost you quite a bit.  We retreated from the room and decided to revisit the situation when we had more money – ya know, when Liz had a full time job and we were rolling in it.

Well, five months and two leave-replacements later, I again find myself as a per-diem sub with a bomb-shelter kitchen.  I decided that a cheap renovation would beat no renovation at all!  I decided to finally tackle la cocina del infierno…or, the kitchen from hell.

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Such a biter!

I decided to start a blog for a variety of reasons.   Here are two of them.

1) Other people have them and I’m always saying, “I should do that.”  So basically, I’m a biter.

2) I’m looking for a full-time job so I’ve got the proverbial “time on my hands.”

So there ya go.

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