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To follow up on my previous post from long ago, we got the chair. 

This is my little office area in a room otherwise designated as the dining room.  It is a small room right next to the kitchen with no closet, but I don’t think we’ve ever sat down to eat at the table here.  It’s more of a catch-all, which isn’t the best thing!  My thoughts in the future are to get a smaller table in here….but long long term plans are to knock down the wall in between this wall and the living room, increasing the living space and having much more of an open feel. 

There is a whole lot of ikea going on in this corner.  The white filing cabinet is an ikea buy, as are the shelves, the desk, the flower pictures (a steal at $7 each), and the the green magazine organizers and boxes.  I am not handy, but i did put the filing cabinet together all by myself – and I love the sleek white design. 


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